05 October 2008

Family Weekness or Strenght,,

Weekness V/s strength of a person
Hey allies today I just want to argue about the strength & weekness of a person. I want to show you the mutual relation between the both.
According to my estimation a person’s strongest point is his family as well as his weakest point also. If anybody tries to effect on a person by using the emotions related to his family so that person can do any work which is very hard-hitting. But in opponent of this example I want to say in the manner of weekness. Any body can be able to get done any negative work by using any person just by effecting once emotions.
For Example if a week person who thinks that anybody can harm his family so suddenly he get an extreme power & he’s able to fight against them, now look on an another example of a student or a player who belongs to the poor family & the forfeit for his career when he thinks about their forfeit & He got an extreme power & motivation against the circumstances. By using this power he’s able to get the success.
For the second issue in the aspect of negative power we can take the same example of the player or an innocent person if anybody give him threats to hurt his family so may be his honesty, love for country disturbed & he’ll do the work of the choice of the person who told him to harm his family. Or if he got a provocation by someone that if he’ll not do the work of his senior’s choice so might be he’ll fired & he had a thaught about his family’s future without his job. So may be he’ll do the work while he is not in the favor of the work.
So I Can say that the family is a weekness for us & sometimes it is a power for us.Mr Shiv khera also told in a seminar that winner are not fool they recognized their limitations but focus on their strength but loser do the opposite they recognize the strength but focus on strengths . so now we have to turn our weekness into our strength
!!! JAI HIND!!!

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