06 October 2008


Composition 25-9-2008 Translation on 1-10-2008

We have to make similarity between male & female. We don’t have any right to make difference of rights & social status only due to physical changes. Hence the women are kept in homes like the bird in the cage or an animal tied from a lead. Her condition is like righless she isn’t getting her human rights life education, self respect etc...
Now today more than one & a half million persons are pursuing their life in laziness & enjoyment without any hardworking. We are wasting our precious time & money in the name of pregilionms like temple, mosque, and montessories, if these all assets are used properly so we can improve our social,mental,moral & emotional status to a sound position, by this we can get our proud of ancient time easily. If our religious leaders which are known as guru to us who are running their business & propaganda of worship & prayer. If they left all this drama & come on a stage to make our country organized & able for evey work so we can see a great result of this campaign by these results everybody will be surprised. These words are take place for every stage. It doesn’t matter that this is a personnel matter of a matter which belongs to the family or a society, national or international matter.
Imagine that if all countries of this world make an organization & treat the whole world as one family. All countries announced cease fire on borders, war is abandon. Terrorism & home interruption get closed. All the persons who are involve in the defense services, all the amount which is wasted by our governments on the development & modernization of the defentions in the world. The lot of money spent in purchasing, manufacturing, mainainance of weapons & techniques. If we collect all the amount, manpower & utilize this in the development of nation, social amenities, health & education etc… so we can get the heavenly contentment in the world easily.
!!!!India is great!!!!

Tarun Joshi “NARAD” (Poet & Writer)
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